For the humble creators who do this out of love and in the spirit of creativity...

Crafted with Love for the Creator in You!

Unleash your inner visionary with our exclusive "Spirit of Creativity" Hoodie Collection, tailor-made for those who breathe, live, and thrive on boundless creativity. Featuring designs from our most popular collections: Not For Profit, FYLZ+ and our latest fan fave, NVRFLD.

Drenched in the rich hues of the season, our hoodies are available in three captivating colors:

Black Mystery: A canvas of infinite possibilities, black signifies the enigmatic nature of creativity. Like the depths of the universe, black holds within it all the shades of brilliance waiting to be unveiled.

Royal Blue Elegance: The serene royal blue captures the essence of profound creativity. It's the color of deep introspection and the boundless depths from which great ideas spring.

Red Blaze: Ignite the fire of innovation with our vibrant red hoodie. This color embodies the daring spirit that drives creators to push boundaries and paint their world with originality.







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"We Talk Our Shxt & Mind Our Business!"

#JTTVP is for those that like to dive into the REAL of this thing called life. We have the conversations that are uncomfortable [but from our know how] and give a real take and voice to it. We laugh, we accept and invite different perspectives. Inclusivity, real life and vibes are very important here at Just Tessa and The Vibes.

We are not your typical podcast we are here for us and the vibes and anyone who is just wishing to laugh, listen and smile and take a moment to reflect will love #JTTVP.

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