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Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tessa, the host of Just Tessa & The Vibes Podcast to discuss an array of things including my music career, apparel collections, and what's in store for FYLZ in 2023. During this conversation, the topic of confidence arose, sparking a passionate back-and-forth about the myths and truth regarding the infamous "C." 

 Just Tessa & The Vibes Podcast

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After listening, what are your thoughts? Do you think too much confidence is bad? I believe there is no such thing as too much confidence; it is a necessary tool one must possess on the road to success.  Don’t take my word. Here are some quotes about confidence being essential to your professional success, spoken from notable trailblazers in history. 

Confidence definition

Three reasons why self-confidence is your greatest asset and key to success!

1. Fear of judgement

Once you are aware of who you are, no longer will you fear what others have to say about you. We respect those who are extremely confident. We see it in their walk, how they talk, and how they move in various spaces maintaining the same "god-like" aura about themselves. Think of your role models, community leaders, entertainers, and prominent business moguls. Do they have a strong sense of self-worth and self-confidence? Are those attributes reflected in their work? 

2. Valuing yourself and your own opinions

Self-confidence is the sister to self-worth, which is the forgiveness and acceptance of one's true self. Conversely, self-confidence is the act of motivating, encouraging, and believing in oneself. Confidence gives you the ability to stand on your word regardless of the outcome. 

3. Remaining authentic and staying true to your beliefs

We preach about the importance of having principles and a personal code of ethics as a necessary part of life. Remaining authentic through the ups-and-downs of life is only possible if one doesn't venture from the original foundation. Staying true comes through your inner strength in belief in oneself. 


Confidence is not an easy feat. It requires daily practice of affirming, encouraging, and speaking life into yourself. You must identify your strengths and weaknesses to determine areas in which you excel and others that need finetuning. For help on how identify your opportunities for growth, visit our partners at Doing Life Today to download the life coaching workbook. There is so much psychology behind the importance of self-confidence. I invite you to explore ways to implement it in your life.

Happy Creating!

- Naj


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C Blooms

Great words on def confidence. I challenge every reader to work on building, maintaining and (for some) growing into your def confidence daily! What a fantastic way to work on personal development as the new year approaches.

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