Why You Should Create with Intention and Purpose

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." - Albert Einstein

If you follow #FreeYourLenz on any social media platform, you've seen us use the hashtags #CreateWithIntention and #CreateWithPurpose pretty often. We do this because our intent is to showcase the importance of being purposeful with everything we do (including this pun).

I'd like to think creativity is bringing life to an idea that's yearning to exist in this dimension and paradigm. I believe ideas come from a higher power and source of energy; thus, each idea, regardless of size, should be cared for, nourished, and properly developed. Which brings me to this...


Last time I checked, there were about a gazillion lifestyle brands in the market. The competition is limitless, that is, if you think about other brands being your direct competitors. I most certainly do not. I envision #FreeYourLenz as a stand-alone, one-of-a-kind brand. Why? Because everything is created with a purpose and a message. There may be a brand that has similar designs concepts as ours, but what they don't have is our brand's spirit and mission: to "bridge the gap between art and business."

Ask Yourself:
How do you envision your brand?

Thinking of others solely as competition will distort your perspective and possibly hinder future business-to-business relationships you may develop. I'm sure you don't want to share resources, techniques, and tips with competitors, right? If you think this way, then you can rest-assured that your "competitors" are thinking the same. How many opportunities were missed because you didn't collaborate with a presumed competitor, instead, you remained silent and allowed it to pass without giving it a second thought.

You're not the only one that needed to switch it up. I once thought everyone was out to take from me. Between my ideas and all the unreleased content stored on my computer's hard drive, I became so afraid to share anything in fear of my intellectual property being stolen and someone else profiting off my work. Let me start by saying my fears are absolutely legit, however, they still became a mechanism to keep me stagnant in my dopeness and complacent in my creative evolution.

One will never lose when helping another. 

I remember sitting in my college classes watching my professor lazily click through a bland, disengaging powerpoint presentation under the guise of "teaching." I remember asking myself how can anyone learn like this? No personalization. No color or creativity. No life. I knew then that my education needs to be hands-on, interactive, and on-demand. I began my quest of self-learning when I discovered the power of YouTube.com.

Sometimes I joke around and proclaim I'm a grad student at YouTube University! -- which is actually pretty funny when you read it aloud (insert laugh here). Think about this... If I'm a student at YouTube U., who are the professors?

It's YOU!

Without others who willingly lend their expertise to folks like me that love learning but hate the traditional school setting, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I have the pleasure of learning in a community of like-minded creators who aren't scared to drop jewels and give away free game. I thank these creative giants for curating content with intention and purpose, not fear and anxiety. 

When is the last time you created something for the good of others?

Creating with intention and purpose is always in service of raising the consciousness of mankind. Each collection is crafted for the greater good. We carefully merge an urban streetwear style with a utilitarian school of thought. A person can be both fly and well-read, possessing both drip and intellect. 

Our #FreedomAintFree Heritage Collect is about highlighting the strength, perseverance, and resilience in Blacks across the diaspora. The #NotForProfit Collection utilizes sleek lines and vibrant colors with a message of self-worth and appreciation. And lastly, the #FYLZ Collection features bold heavy fonts and the FreeYourLenz tag. This is our staple collection, as it defines who and what we are. With more collections in the works, we continue to challenge ourselves to be a lifestyle brand for creators with a conscious. 

Feel free to browse the site as you think about the meaning behind these collections. Does it all make sense to you? Does it make you want it just a little more? If not, you a hater (jk jk lolol). Honestly, it doesn't matter if any of my pieces entice you to shop with me. I don't create with the intention to make profits. I create with the purpose to uplift, enlighten, and inspire (hence, #NotForProfit). 

In close, yes, I want us all to make money. Yes, I want us to reap all the benefits of our creative sacrifices. We deserve to live abundantly in a world that recognizes our artistry. A good friend of mine once said, "Your creativity is the freest thing in you." I wholeheartedly believe that. The one thing we do own in this world is our creativity, and we owe it to ourselves and the art gods to always create with intention and purpose.



Thanks for reading! 😊

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