About Us

I've been an artist for as long as I can remember and the feeling of completing a project gives me the same high as it did 20 years ago. However, the purpose of FreeYourLenz (FYLZ) is to think bigger than the final product. I birthed FYLZ as a voice for creators with a conscience. I believe our creations are extensions of our soul, and everything we produce should intentionally align with our core values.

Our motto is to create freely, inspire our community, and evolve the world of business by building sustainable, symbiotic relationships with each of our clients. We believe the greatest form of art is doing business, and much like the world’s most exquisite and timeless creations, business requires a level of artistic imagination, planning, and execution.

We design apparel for critical thinkers who are bold and fearless, passionate and determined, and open to all things art. We are committed to bridging the gap between art and business by providing services geared to make the life of an artist-turned-entrepreneur much easier. We embrace an open-source, collaborative model utilizing practical and engaging strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your brand.

Be sure to stay in the loop with our upcoming courses presented by FreeYourLenz and partners! Thank you for visiting us! We appreciate your support and spreading the word.


Najah lee
Owner & Visionary