Not For Profit Music


Knowing is half the battle. There are some things you're just supposed to KNOW THE RULES to. I wanted #NotForProfit to show my skill, lyricism, craft, and penmanship while making sure to PAY HOMAGE to those before me who crafted hip-hop. #NotForProfit represents the real, direct, gritty, aggression, that's been lacking in hip-hop.

Many roads were traveled between the lines of my composition, but no matter the journey, the fact remains that I AM NOT FOR PROFIT. From my first project to this one, my loyalty to the culture is cemented. It can't be denied that I am THE REALEST. "I been juugin' since the age of eight, sellin' everything from name tags to license plates, check the dates...”

Just because you AIN'T SEEN ME IN A MINUTE doesn't mean I haven't been in this game reppin' my state, standing on my word, name heavier than a keepsake. Eleven years in and the brand, the business, and my purpose, will always be #NotForProfit.

Written by @TheHouseOfTESSA